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We plan, strategize and work with you to identify which services are most ideal to help your business grow! prices starting as little as $40 per hour. retainers starting at $2,500 per month.

How do we do it?

With the marketing and web design arms of Evermore Ventures, we will provide you up to 100 hours of any combination of over 30 services and 50 years of combined expirience aimed to boost your online presence, increase your customer base, and ultimately improve your bottom line — all for a flat, affordable monthly retainer fee. 

Our wide array of services include:

Business Planning & Strategizing

  • Planning: We will work with you to create a one-month, three-month, or one-year plan for the direction of your business. We will then take this framework and implement a detailed day-to-day, week-to-week plan.

  • Strategizing: We will help you strategize the most effective ways to make your business successful. We will look at and take into account the current assets of your company and determine ways that we can leverage them for greater success. We will also analyze what new products and opportunities we can work on together over the lifetime of the retainer.

  • Goal setting: We will assist you in setting goals — both big and small — for your business.

Programming & Design

  • Web design: This includes implementing full websites, designing pages, making small modifications, and creating WordPress design. 
  • Graphic design: We will use our advanced strategies to get inside your head and see your vision, as though we are looking through your eyes. We will then use that vision to create beautiful graphics on your behalf.

  • PHP/Java/CSS programming: With the help of our full-time senior-level developer, we will work with you on any custom programming needs that you may have. If there is a piece of software that will not work out-of-the-box, we will work to develop a solution with custom programming.

Content Solutions

  • Copywriting consulting: Using years of experience and hundreds of highly successful pages that convert leads into customers, we will consult with you on what type of content to use and the correct content structure that will be the most successful.

  • Content repurposing: We will work with you to analyze content that you already have and strategize with you on how we can repurpose your content to offer new products. 
  • Content distribution: Utilizing strategies that we have developed, we will help you distribute your content in every form of media possible, such as video, audio, written content, PDF, images, and more. 

Email Campaign & Follow Up Sequences

  • Email campaigns: We will help you set up email campaigns including one-time sends and multipart follow-up emails. 
  • Autoresponder configuration: Our team will help you set up your email follow-up system, whether it is Infusionsoft, AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, or any other related autoresponder system. 
  • Tag campaign setup: If you are using Infusionsoft or Active Campaign, we will work with you to set up your tagging structure that will be used throughout your entire website. 

Product Creation & Sales Funnels 

  • Product creation: We will work with you to create products and concepts that may be offered to your customers or clients based on your company’s unique offering. 
  • Tracking setup and analysis: Using both free and paid tools, we will help you implement detailed tracking of your customers throughout your website. We will also analyze the data collected from tracking to find ways that we can better optimize the sales process.

  • Sales funnel implementation: We will work with you to implement detailed sales funnels, upsells, downsells, and any other funnel strategies that you may need.

Email Marketing & SEO 

  • Behavioral marketing: We will help you set up email triggers that when triggered, will send out marketing materials based on your customer’s behavior. This will be most effective if you are using Infusionsoft or Active Campaign, although we can work with other systems. 
  • Light search engine optimization: We will perform light search engine optimization on your website as well as individual pages. 
  • Search engine optimization strategies: We will both show you and implement strategies and best practices that are ideal for being ranked in search engines. 

Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, & Social Media 

  • Facebook Ad campaigns: We will work with you to set up, implement, administer, track, and optimize full Facebook ad campaigns. 
  •  Google Adwords campaigns: We will work with you to set up, implement, administer, track, and optimize full Google AdWords campaigns.

  • Social media distribution: We will assist you in distributing posts that you provide us across the top visited social media networks. 
  • Social media best practice strategies: We will use best practice social media strategies to make your social media engagement the most effective it can be.

Customer Service, Helpdesk & Survey Setup, Webinar Training 

  • Helpdesk setup: We will set up a helpdesk portal for your company that can be used to keep your customers happy. We will also organize all of your customer or client correspondence in one place that members of your team and ours will be able to access. 
  • Customer service: We will have staff available from our team using your helpdesk to help you perform customer service for your clients or customers by email. 
  • Survey setup: We will work with you to set up surveys and get customer feedback using strategies that we have learned over many years. We will then show you how to use that data to improve your business.
  • WebinarJam training: We will configure a webinar account that you provide us and set up the actual webinars. We will train you on the most effective strategies and best practices for running a webinar.

Audio & Video Editing & Consulting 

  • Minor video editing: We will perform minor edits to videos that you produce. 
  • Minor audio editing: We will also make minor edits to audio files that you produce. 
  • Video studio setup and consulting: We will consult with you to help set up a low- to medium-cost video studio that has full lighting, professional audio, green screen, and streaming capabilities. 

Membership Site Implementation 

  • Membership site implementation: We will assist you in fully implementing complete membership programs for your business. Over time, this can include implementation of membership programs at multiple levels. 
  • Membership retention strategies: We will help in developing strategies that will keep your members engaged, happy, and loyal, so they will remain a part of your membership program. 
  • Content production: We will strategize with you on how to best produce your content so that it is easy to understand, powerful, and engaging. 

Shopping Cart Setup and Security 

  • Shopping cart setup: We will work with you to fully set up your shopping cart. This includes setting up PayPal and other merchant accounts that you may use. We will also help you in entering all of your products into the shopping cart. 
  • Payment system and gateway setup: We will help you set up a new payment gateway or configure your current one, if you have the need for this. 
  • Digital asset security: We will work with you to keep your site secure and updated. We will also help secure your digital offerings with the most effective and least intrusive (to the customer) software and configurations. 

Map your customer's journey

To keep these services in the retainer affordable, we have a set of services that we will not offer unless otherwise notified. However, we can help you find and hire the right people to perform these services. 

Services that we do not offer with this retainer:

  • We DO NOT receive or make calls to your customers or clients. 
  • We DO NOT engage with your customers or clients via live chat. 
  • We DO NOT offer services where we will be with you live on webinars, calls, presentations, or other types of appointment-based services. 
  • We DO NOT offer services where we will answer sales questions (by phone or live chat) live on webinars, sales calls, or any other type of presentation. 


1. We use Monday.com to keep all tasks (including your requests for work to be completed) organized and on track. 

2.We use Google Drive to keep track of all your files and utilize Google Docs to collaborate with you. 

3. We have a unique and easy-to-use task tracking system where you can follow everything being done on behalf of your business. 

4. We have many systems in place for checks and balances to keep things from falling through the cracks. 

5. We will have at least 1 or 2 calls with you per week (up to 3 in cases where we are planning and strategizing) to keep you updated and to answer any questions you have for us. 

6. We will communicate with you via email frequently about many different topics related to task completion and strategy implementation. 

Emergency Tasks

For emergency tasks that need faster completion, you can specify that it is an emergency and needs to be completed the same day. We ask that you use this sparingly, as this will set aside other tasks already in the pipeline for both you and other clients. 

Examples of emergencies

  • Sites that are down
  • Pages in active sales funnels that are non-operational during a launch. 
  • Hacked sites. 
  • Accidentally deleted pages or files. 

Examples of situations that ARE NOT emergencies are:  

  • Webinar problems (because we do not offer live webinar support), such as presenter connectivity issues or customer/client connectivity issues. 
  • Content Corrections
  • Last-minute email announcements. 
  • Customers having a purchasing or download/fulfillment issue. 

Emergency tasks that are deemed to be non-emergency but are completed on the same day will be charged double. 

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How can you offer a service that covers many specialties so affordably? 

Question: Why do small tasks take up to 2 business days to complete? 

Question: Why don’t you always accept calls? 

Question: Why not just hire someone to be available to answer the phone all day? 

Question: Why are unscheduled answered calls limited to 10 minutes or less? 

Question: Why can’t we communicate our needs, such as tasks, via text? 

Question: How can I know how many hours I have used? 

Question: Do unused monthly hours roll over to the next month? 

Question: What happens if I go over my hourly retainer allotment within a month? 

Question: What happens if I want to cancel before the end of the retainer contract? 

Question: Can Evermore cancel the retainer contract with me? 

Question: Do I have to renew my contract after it is over? 

Question: After my contract is over, can I pay month to month? 

Question: Do you guarantee that my company will grow? 

Question: If you only guarantee you will fulfill the retainer hours, how will you be incentivized to help me grow? 

Question: With the profit share, how do you calculate the 10% that is shared? 


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